January 25, 2011

Six Months

Little Girl,

The usual platitudes about how I can't believe you're already six months old, etc.

You are teeny. You haven't even doubled your birth weight yet and are now in the 10th percentile for weight. In fact, you barely gained any weight in the last two months, which means an extra trip to the pediatrician next month to see if you're gaining. Because you're on track with other development, he's not too worried, and since my family has many a tiny person, I'm not that worried either. Sometimes when you're sitting on the couch, I just laugh at what a little thing you are.

Ironically, you love to eat (although with parents like me and your dad, it would be more surprising if you didn't care about food). We've done a modified version of baby-led weaning with you (less mess) and you will eat ANYTHING. In the last month, you haven't turned down a thing. You've had tomatoes and avocados, bananas and applesauce, stew, yogurt, curry, mulligatawny soup, peas, blueberries, blackberries, cheese, and anything else we try you out on.

Last week, after your shots, we had you sitting in the bebePod on the table while we fed you dinner. Your dad was making you laugh in a big way and then, suddenly, you burst into tears and tried to lay your head down on the part of the chair between your legs. It was heartbreaking. Also, very very funny.

You've got teeth now, two of them (which appeared out of nowhere (your dentist granddad would tell me that they came from your gums)) and so I get my fingers bitten on a regular basis now.

A few months ago Merrick posted a picture of your little cousin. In it, he was holding a toy, and I thought "I cannot even imagine my baby actually PLAYING with a toy." But here you are, shaking with joy when I pull out your little red monkey or a rattle or a ball. You'll sit on the floor (yes, you sit! although you topple a lot too. . . ) with all your toys around you and play happily for long stretches at a time, which is making dinner prep much easier.

Last night, your dad had to work late and so you were already long in bed when he got home. He was so sad to miss seeing you and asked me all sorts of things about what cute things you'd done that afternoon (happily, he'd been home for lunch, so he had seen you that day). He can't get enough of you, and neither can I.

We both love you so so much,


  1. I love that she's teeny! I was always in that percentile, give or take, for height and weight as a child. My doctor was always like, "Yup, you're barely even on the chart."

  2. Good things come in small packages!

  3. Don't change the recipe! She's DEEE-licious!

  4. she is so sweet! I love the sit up play time stage. heavenly. We made a video titled "A Visit with E' it is just 10 minutes of her sitting and playing with kids music in the back ground. It would seem boring to watch but the family near and far loved watching it. You should give it a try!

  5. You have got an adorable baby!

  6. Oh my goodness, she's just so dang cute! Love her!


  7. She has the sweetest little face! I love the smiles.

  8. aacckkk! The cuteness! I can't stand it.

    And our baby is just barely even attempting to eat food at 10 months. For the longest time he was like "agh, what is this THING on my tongue that is not liquid and milky?" And then throw up. Which, you know, is awesome.

  9. How fun! I can't believe she has such a wide palet. I don't know any baby that would eat curry. What a champ. Six months seems like it is such a fun stage. And I love it when their baby teeth come in. Great post, thank you for sharing!

  10. All the cool kids are on the small side and love curry. What, exactly, is a modified version of baby-led weaning?

  11. At that age, both my babies loved salsa. I mean, make-your-eyes-water-hot salsa. But now at four, Rebecca won't touch it. Isn't that weird?


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