January 10, 2011

Just When You Thought You Were Safe

I know you were thinking you dodged a bullet, not having to be subjected to a gazillion pictures of Ella's First Christmas.

Wrong. You will pay your dues like everyone else. (I have no idea what these dues are).

Ella is horrified that you might not want to look at pictures of her. I mean, really. 

Meeting Bart's mom for the first time (this darling dress was sent to me by a lovely blog reader who just had her own baby this past week). Also, Ella can rotate her head a ridiculous number of degrees.

Introducing Ella to Bart's little nieces (that one in the leopard print? I met her on my and Bart's first date. I've loved her ever since).

Ella has a LOT of cousins from Bart's side of the family (she's number 17).

And only one cousin on my side. (Pay no attention to the two darling blond girls).

We tried to give Ella a little culture by taking her to an art exhibit, but she snoozed through the entire trip PLUS a trip to J Dawgs.

 Breakfast before driving back to Las Vegas. Italian french bread with cinnamon syrup and marscapone cheese. Oh yes, I married into the right family. 

One last picture before we left behind the snow. 
Ella probably feels like she spent the entire trip in this contraption. Sorry. 

 Did I ever get tired of saying "Who's got the bear bum?" No, I did not. 

"Give me the toys!"

 With Auntie Landen
 My hair is very long these days.

 A little Owl Babies reading with Grancie.

I feel like this Christmas morning with Grandad could use a little music. "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. . . "


  1. She's such a cutie! How wonderful for her to grow up in a family so filled with cousins.

    Your hair IS long - but very, very pretty!

  2. Both you and your baby are ridiculously cute ;)

    And those bear pajamas are spectacular.

  3. Glad to pay my dues. She is adorable.

  4. She's such a cutie! And I love that bear bum!

  5. Oh, baby pictures NEVER get old. Looks like it was a wonderful holiday!

  6. And here I was feeling deprived of Ella Christmas photos! Those bear pajamas are amazingly cute! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh yay! The dress looks so cute on her!! :)

  8. So glad you shared. Such beautiful, happy looking children.

  9. It is ABOUT time..... I didn't think you'd had a Christmas!!!! What are you thinking... OF COURSE we want to see pics of Ella - all day - everyday!!!! (I wish we had been in San Diego this weekend for ALA ;( )

  10. Ooooh. Carl Bloch. I'm headed there later this month. My beautiful granddaughter Clara spent Christmas in Las Vegas too. Did you meet her???

  11. It was so fun to see you guys in Vegas. I'm glad that we made it happen. Cute kid!


  12. Cute Cute! Her head DOES turn extremely far! I love her little bear pjs, what a cute little baby

  13. She is SO adorable!! I love all of the pics, keep 'em coming! See you soon :)


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