October 29, 2010

Terrifying in the Extreme

Halloween is this weekend.

And I'm usually not one for the gross or horrifying parts of Halloween (please do not let one of my children ever want to dress up as "person with a bloody axe in their skull" or something).

But then, sometimes, by coincidence, you find something that truly is terrifying and it's right around Halloween and so you put aside all your personal convictions and you post it.

Before the horrifying picture, though, let me show you the top two photos of a photobooth strip I came across in a box this week:

Cute, yes? I'm not exactly sure what year this is, but I'm guessing it was around 2001. My dad had a dental seminar of some sort in California and he took Merrick and me along where we ate an embarrassing amount of donuts at the breakfast buffet at the hotel and sat around watching TV while he was gone during the day. I also remember some very intense games of Skip-Bo. In the evenings, he'd come back and we'd go off to some grand adventure (I specifically recall the go-carts and how we made it our mission to beat the really smug and competitive girl there. I believe we succeeded).

Tragically, this nice photostrip is marred by the gem that holds the #3 spot in the strip:

The braces aren't helping, certainly, but wow, those eyebrows. Are they eating my face? Also, I appear to have forgotten to pack a comb on this trip.

(Go check out Merrick the Vampire, too). 


  1. Oh #3 you brought a smile to my face this morning. Thank you for sharing. At what age SHOULD girls with dark thick eyebrows begin plucking? I never have, but fear I will need to know this pertinent info in the future.

  2. I actually don't think your eyebrows look bad at all there!

  3. I remember you at that age - you were the cutest!!

  4. I always tell people I was born with Sesame Street eye brows that I inherited from my Higginson side. I think you look adorable....as always.

  5. I think it is a great picture! Fun memories, too. A friend of mine that I've known since elementary school just showed me a picture she found of us in the fifth grade spelling be. I was horrified by my bangs and matching red turtleneck and socks, complete with denim jumper. EEEK!

    Happy Halloween!

  6. I think you are actually kind of adorable! But I can't believe how young you look... 2001 feels like it wasn't that long ago. Can't believe it was almost 10 years!

  7. Oh me oh my. Your youth as just become forcefully apparent. 2001!!!??

    I was dating B who was home from his mission! I was a JUNIOR in COLLEGE!

    Excuse me while I go put some ointment on my bed sours.

  8. Yes. I agree with Chelsea. We did get some awesome eyebrows from the Higginson side...and a handful of other awesome traits that are just as awesome.

    I really actually like this picture of you. I think it is super sweet.

  9. You look like a normal kid. Too cute.

  10. That is so fantastically adorable. Good ol' braces...I certainly don't miss 'em!

  11. I have so so so many pictures just like that. It's such a horribly awkward age during a horribly awkward decade. Blergh.

  12. My age 12-15 pictures are locked in the vault. You are the bravest person I know.

  13. Dude, that picture is so cute.

    Pictures of me at a similar age would terrify young children.

  14. Ok, how did you guys manage the cool photo strip photos at all? Last time I tried, the first 2 pictures didn't have anyone in it, because I was scrolling the camera down (the arrows were backwards). Then only parts of faces. You have real talent, and you aren't scary either. Not then, or now.


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