June 23, 2010

36 Weeks

Actually, I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow, but this picture was taken over the weekend, so I'm totally counting it (it's a little blurry because some random stranger took it. Oh well).

Also, I cropped out the giant scoop of ice cream I was eating in this picture. (Mmm, Kimball Farm).


  1. So close!

    What photo editing program do you use?

  2. The big question is, was the ice cream free?

    You look great as always!!

  3. Ha! You crack me up that you cropped out the ice cream cone. :)

  4. We must visit this wonderful place when I visit :)

  5. mmmm....Kimballs... Holy cow, girl, you are making me miss Massachusetts like crazy!

  6. I seriously love how much you love ice cream.

  7. I love that you cropped out the ice cream cone, but then told us about it!

    You look great! And you're very nearly there!

  8. You look really good! Everytime I see pregnant woman that look so good, it just makes me think of how fat I used to get.....and laugh! I can't wait to see this little one....between you and Bart-she will be beautiful!

    BTW- you should have left the ice cream in!

  9. I want to come see you before you have this baby!! What do you do with your time now? Sleep? Eat Ice Cream? Accepting visits from cousin and roudy kids? Can we come see you?...say maybe next week?!


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