March 18, 2010

I Hope. . .

Things I Hope My Children Inherit from Me:
  • My love of reading
  • My brown eyes (at least one of them! Some of them can have Bart's blue eyes) 
  • My fierce sense of family
  • My love of school
  • My fear of getting in trouble
  • My metabolism (thanks, Dad, for handing that one down)
  • My nice fingernails
  • My faith
  • My ambition
  • My total lack of wisdom teeth (thanks, Mom)
  • My frugality (I've inherited this from both my dad and his mom)
Things I Hope My Children Do NOT Inherit from Me:
  • My insane competitive streak
  • My tendency to get mad when I get hurt
  • My thin hair (er. . . "fine" hair)
  • My discomfort in new social situations
  • My nose
  • My fiery temper
  • My bad eyesight (Bart's hitting thirty this year, still holding on to his perfect vision)
  • My sad little anemic blood
  • My lousy posture
Things My Mom Really Hopes My Children Inherit:
  • Bart's curly hair


  1. The eye thing is funny. When I got married to my husband all I wanted was one of our kids to have his blue eyes. Two kids later all I want is one of our kids to have my brown eyes! Stupid recessive genes. Neither of my kids look like me and I want just one that does.

  2. I was born with a full head of hair and have always had really thick hair, so I kind of expected that my kids would be the same. Nope! All three of my babies were fairly bald and they didn't grow into my hair either. They all have their dad's side of the family's thin hair (er. . . "fine" hair) :)
    But they are perfect just the way they are and as babies might have looked a little silly with all of my hair. Their baldness suited them!

  3. It's always so crazy to think of all the millions of possibilities of traits they could get from either parent...or even just things like looks. I always worry that the combination of mine and my husbands will make some terrible little kid that I won't like. I doubt it, but still.

  4. I remember making similar wish lists when I was pregnant.

    I'm rooting that your baby has curls, though, because I'm a sucker for curly hair on kids. :)

  5. I don't have wisdom teeth either!! didn't know that was a family thing - funny! (My kids all had to have theirs taken out, so I didn't share unfortunately).

  6. Great post! Wish I'd written one like it before I had kids.

  7. I love this :) I'm totally gonna write one of these someday except I will be dying for my kids to have Ty's curly hair, and my chin. :)

  8. I hope they inherit your love for blogging.
    And they WILL inherit all of those awesome things about you!

  9. This is such a cute list. It'll be interesting to see how it all actually turns out. I'm happy I stumbled upon your blog. Can't wait to read more.

  10. I don't have Wisdom teeth, either! What a club.

  11. Love this post! J and I were just talking about what we hope the baby gets from each of us. I definitely hope he doesn't get my eye sight too!

  12. I kept thinking the other day that I'd like our future children to get Bill's perfect vision...until I remembered that it's only perfect because he had laser eye surgery. So, now I hope they get NEITHER of ours.


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