January 6, 2010

The Goals, The Goals

Around January, I always read a lot of blog posts saying how people hate New Years resolutions, it's just courting failure, why should a new year mean a lot of changes, etc.

I couldn't feel more differently.

For one, I'm always excited about NEW NEW NEW and it's fun to think about what I want to accomplish in the coming year, where I want to be at the end of the year.

Also, as I've mentioned before, my parents are very big into goal setting and setting measurable, realistic goals, with steps to reach them, and then reviewing them many many times throughout the year and the goals displayed prominently in our various bedrooms and bathrooms.

And, as I was telling Bart yesterday, new goals for the year help me get through the months of cold, ugly winter until spring arrives. Otherwise, it'd be so so tempting to just lay around eating leftover Christmas candy, and watching movies until the snow disappeared.

So, without further ado, here is a partial list of my goals this year:
  • Go to the gym 4 days a week. Last year, my goal was 3 times a week, and I never once, not ONCE went more than that. So I'm stepping it up this year. This goal is really more to help me reach my bigger goal to. . . .
  • Log 450 miles this year (walking or running). That averages out to around 2-2.5 miles four times a week, almost every week of the year. It's not an unrealistically high goal, but it'll help me be accountable for how I spend my gym time (aka, no more "I walked for 19.5 minutes and thus am superwoman and can go home and eat candy canes until I am blue in the face")(I don't even like candy canes).
  • Participate in both the 2009 and 2010 Cybils. More on this later.
  • Eat only two desserts a week. I can't tell you what a good thing this was for me last year. I now have no urge to eat desserts that don't REALLY appeal to me, and I consciously decide whether or not to eat every dessert that shows up.
  • Listen to a daily news podcast. I would like to not be the person who says, "um, what senate bill? what national political scandal? what economic forecasts?" anymore.
  • Take a book reviewing course through Simmons. I am so excited for this. . .
  • Read six classics that I have not previously read. Science Teacher Mommy sent me a great list that I'll probably work off of.
I haven't made a goal of how many books to read this year - I think I'll just see what number I end up at.
    Anyway, so far I'm off to a good start. 2010 is going to be a great year for me; I can feel it.


    1. I like the 2 desserts a week idea - I'm going to try that one this year! I'd like to see that list of classics.

    2. Awesome, just awesome. Good idea on the limiting dessert thing. I need to work that...

    3. I don't get hating on new year's resolutions. Sure, don't do them yourself, but why bash other people's? What's so bad about trying to self-improve?

      I am on the side of new-year goals, obviously. :) I look forward to seeing which classics you choose to read.

    4. Since I seldom eat dessert, may I now have two a week? lol Yes, please - the list of classics would be fun to see. You are amazing, so I'm sure you will meet your goals. :)

    5. Yay! Go get those goals! I love aiming for something but I don't wait to the beginning of a new year to set targets. It is nice to have a fresh start sometimes though.

    6. I'm interested to hear about this book reviewing course you speak of.

    7. This is an awesome list! You ARE going to have a great year... I can tell!

    8. Your goal setting has impressed me over the past year or so of seeing their evaluations on your blog. It's a great example, and one your parents were so wise to implement with you guys at such a young age! I'm going to start small, but follow your lead this year. Thanks, Janssen! Hope you and Bart have a great 2010!

    9. Where do you go to get your news podcast? I'd love to be a little more up on the news too...Happy New Year! (PS- I couldn't agree more about goal-setting- there are few things that have made me more excited in the last several months than sitting down and writing out goals for the coming year- it's SO empowering!)

    10. Nice goals. I remember you talking (writing) about your family and goals before. I am off this afternoon and I plan to use the time to sit down and figure out my goals and plans for the year.

      I am not a big fan of podcasts and I REALLY can't stand watching news clips online. This makes me a bad internet user, but if I want to listen to something I'll watch tv. I go online to get my news with TEXT. I want to skim to find the pertinent stuff, not all the other stuff. (Sorry, pet peeve.)

      Are you planning to post the list of classics?

    11. Ooooh! I want to see the Classics list! :o)


    12. Woot! Simmons, my old alma mater. Of 2005. I recommend the YA class highly.

    13. Nice list! I think I said so back when you first mentioned it, but I really, really should try out the two desserts thing. I like the idea of discerning between a random mish-mash of candy I really don't like much as opposed to a really "worth it" dessert. Maybe now is the time to try it.

      I like your exercise goals too! That sounds like a good way to stay motivated and track things.

    14. You are so dedicated! You totally inspire me!

      Random question: when I leave you a comment and you reply it sends the reply to my email address. How do you do that? I wanna do it too... :)

    15. I'm like you - I love goals! Although I think you must have more willpower than I do in the dessert department. :)

    16. Great list! I think I should make a mile goal, as well. Mainly because Nike+ so generously emailed me the # of miles I logged in 2009 and it made me want to cry. (because the number was teeny, tiny)

    17. I think you have a REALLY great list... I may need to try that dessert thing too. And good luck!!

    18. I am with you on the goal setting. My family was that way too! I particulary love how not all of your goals relate to diet, exercise, or money. That seems like everyone's focus this year.

    19. I love having goals. It gives you something to strive for rather than resolutions, which I always felt were created to deny yourself things.

      Hmmm. I'm debating stealing your 2 desserts a week and logging miles ideas. I was trying to avoid those types of goals, but they do sound promising.

      Also, could you let us know when you find some news podcast?

    20. Is it sort of sad that my goals are only to wake up the first time my alarm goes off, and get breakfast everyday? Seems sort of dinky in comparison!

    21. I rarely eat dessert in a formal sense, but I'll often have 1 piece of Dove chocolate, or a small handful of chocolate chips, or something "small" like that...so would that count as a dessert? I also like your mileage goal, a good way to track! Does walking to work count? :)


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