January 15, 2010

Friday, Friday, Friday

Isn't Friday just the most delightful day?

Today, I'm particularly loving Friday because:
  • It's a payday
  • I had delicious leftovers for lunch
  • I'm having a good hair day (I can't say anything about hair without imaging Anne Shirley wailing, "It's my HAAAAAIR")
  • I'm going straight to ALA after work today, where all the good hair in the world will not hide my true nerdiness
  • It's a lovely 45 degrees outside (I have become the kind of person who considers that a lovely warm day. . . oh, my former naive self. How I long for you)
  • I have now read 13 books this year
  • I don't have to go to the gym today, as I've already done my four trips (since this weekend will be too crazy to fit in another one)
  • Monday is a holiday!
  • Bart comes home today (he's been in Wisconsin for work)!
Oh, Friday. I just adore you.


  1. That IS the definition of an awesome day!

  2. I LOVE Ann Shirley! Now I want to re-read AoGG!

    Have SO much fun at ALA! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Bart should have come visited us (even though he doesn't know us!).

  4. me too!!
    my favorite day...
    and WOW! good hair AND friday!
    all the stars and planets must be aligning in your favor.

  5. Yes! Friday!

    Long live the nerds!

  6. You're awesome - and I'm jealous of your 45 degree weather. :)

  7. I'm impressed with the thirteen books. My new year is starting out rather slowly...I've started too many books at once, so hopefully one of these days I will finish a whole bunch at once.

  8. Nice new blog design! Today is a particularly awesome Friday for me too :) I'm so glad you reference Anne...with an E :) "Green is TEN times WORSE!"

  9. 13 books is impressive! I'm glad you are having such an amazing day. I love it when all the planets align correctly. Have fun at ALA-can't wait to read all about it.

  10. Blessed Friday!

    I can't wait to hear all about your weekend. Love the new look of your blog, too.

  11. As sad as I get when Bill leaves for work, I sure do love it when he comes home. Hurray for Bart coming home!

  12. Whoa! Did NOT recognize your blog! Looks good tho.

  13. Sounds like a fantastic day to me.


  14. 13 books?? already? you go girl :) i am just trying to get myself back into a reading mode... i did acquire these is my words and i am going to start that this weekend. i can't wait!

  15. Love the weather comment. I know the feeling. I remember when 70 was freezing, but now 30 can feel balmy.

  16. Now that looks like a good haul!


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