December 14, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Bart has been in Florida for the last two weeks, finally returning home to me on Friday evening. Here are some signs that he's home:
  • my cell phone doesn't need to be charged daily
  • the dishes magically do themselves
  • I eat something besides cereal for dinner
  • My voice isn't thick from lack of use all afternoon and evening once I get home from school
  • The laundry is done!
  • I don't have to convince myself that there are no monsters in the apartment when I'm falling asleep
  • I have to share the bathroom sink when I get ready in the morning
  • Lunches get magically made and are ready when I leave for work
  • When I watch movies on the couch, someone rubs my feet
Who wouldn't be glad he's home?


  1. Jiggity-jig!
    You are one lucky lady.

  2. Two weeks is a long time. Glad you're finally reunited. Bart sure sounds like a keeper. I do love a good foot rub.

  3. So cute! Those are some of the things that I love about my husband too!

  4. My husband makes my lunch sometimes and it is such a treat!! I know about the monsters in the closet too-they only appear when husbands are away!

  5. Torsten was out of town last week too. It was No Fun. Glad we both have our guys home!

  6. Yay! I'm so glad he's back!


  7. You are SPOILED. Ok, I am pretty spoiled too I am not going to lie :)

  8. I totally understand. I feel the same way when I'm not with Tom. Not sure how I'm going to handle it when Tom's in Japan (hopefully I'll be with him for most of the 6 weeks).

  9. Yeah for the return of spouses! I am always happy when Mr. F. returns from a trip. And yes, two weeks is a long time. (Must teach Mr. F. to rub feet along with all the other things he does. ;) )

  10. what a good husband! i didn't realize you were alone that long, we would have at least had you over for dinner!

  11. Wow! You dfinitely have a keeper there. I desperately miss my hubby too. Only 2 more days!

  12. Bart is ME! Don't get me wrong, my husband does sweet things in our marriage too....but NONE of those things! :P

  13. Enjoy! And other than the foot rubbing thing, since I dislike having my feet touched, I'd be thrilled to have all those things done for me.

  14. I have cereal for dinner when the hub's not around, too. :) Glad you have him back!


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