August 1, 2009

What I'm Going to Read: Round 2

To my great surprise, once again this month, the randomly selected winner picked a book I'd already read. The winner (I feel so silly using that word because you aren't winning anything. I feel like I should send you a check or something, but I have no money, so that's clearly not a great option) is Kath from Bookworm Nation. Her suggestion was The Loser's Guide to Life and Love by A. E. Cannon, which is a very fun twist on A Midsummer Night's Dream. I loved it when I read it last summer.

Her new suggestion was Radiant Darkness, which I will read in August. It looks like just my kind of book!

The other suggestions, and wow, there were some good ones this month:
Last time, I'd read 7 of the 32 suggestions.

This time I've read 5 of the 41 suggestions:
Also, before you think I can't count, five includes those four, plus Bookworm Nation's original suggestion.


  1. Sorry, I wasn't trying to break the rules :)

  2. Thank you for making a summary both times. When looking for something new to read, it is great to be able to look at these lists. I like the idea of reading from these more than picking from a best sellers list.

  3. That does look like a good choice, I hadn't heard of it before.

    I'm kinda glad you didn't pick mine as I had a hard enough time coming up with one choice.

    That's a lot of links!

  4. read Joy Luck Club sometime- it's good!Enjoy your next selection!

  5. With a list like that, It's like we ALL win!

  6. aah nuts, that's what i get for falling behind in blog reading. i guess i have to wait till next month now.

  7. I think you're the reason I read The Eyre Affair. I seem to remember a conversation in the London Centre library about Jane Eyre and I jumped on it when it came up for my adolescent lit class. Great little book, although I never read the sequels. Perhaps will remedy that someday. After I read P&P&Z. :)

  8. Wow, that was a lot of linking. Thanks! Looks like some good suggestions.


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