July 14, 2009

Jiggity Jog

You know I love to travel. I love buying a plane ticket, I count down the days until the departure, I think about what I’ll pack, and I love walking into a hotel room.

But the last month has been insane. I went to Las Vegas to stay with my brother while my parents were in Atlanta. Then I came home and, five days later, left for five days at Girls Camp. The day I got home, I showered, threw the contents of my suitcase straight into the washing machine, repacked, and caught a flight to Salt Lake City where we spent the weekend with my extended family for a reunion. I drove back to Las Vegas with my mom on Monday and spent five days with her and my dad. After coming home on Friday night, we packed up our house, closed, and moved in with some friends who are graciously letting us borrow the guestroom for a few weeks, I caught a plane on Wednesday morning to Boston where I spent five days visiting my new schools and principals, taking the licensing exam for the state of Massachusetts, and looking for apartments with my mom.

I’m tired just typing that list out – I can’t believe I actually survived all that travel.

Since June 10, I have spent only 9 full days at home.

I have never been so glad to be back in Austin with no trips in the foreseeable future (the three day drive to Boston in a moving truck is not to be counted). I am in no hurry to log my next Southwest flight, I can tell you that.


  1. I'm so excited for your move (way more excited than I am for your own move.) I just can't wait to hear how you like Boston and being a librarian and all the exciting things ahead. I'm a bit jealous! Oh and I just adore Boston!! I hope we can come out this way again soon and visit my SIL in Boston again.

  2. I think I understand how you feel - you love to go, but "enough is enough". (I have been gone so much the past 3 years, I hardly know what I have at home. My poor animals probably think I've deserted them.)

    How fun that you got to stay with your brother!

    So glad your mom went to Boston with you! Did you find an apartment? Are you still excited about your jobs? (You probably can't post that here. lol)

  3. Sounds like you'll be earning a free Southwest flight pretty soon!

  4. i hear you! i can't wait to hear about your boston adventures. maybe we will see you out there next spring! :) ps. i don't say it enough, but you are the nicest person ever!!!

  5. I can relate to your traveling weariness! I think next summer might be a travel-free summer for us. I hope your moving days to Boston go smoothly!

  6. Wow! I got tired just reading that. How busy you have been! I'm glad things are starting to sorta calm down in the traveling area of life. Good luck with your move!

  7. Wow.

    I thought I was busy. You win.

  8. I'm so jealous that you get to travel so much! That's what summers are for, right?!

  9. WOW you are busy. Hopefully you feel like you are getting a nice break before you start your new job!

  10. But just think about the points you're earning on Southwest that can be used for yet another trip! Hope you're able to settle down soon. I haven't been on any week-long vacations/trips, but I've been out of town almost every weekend since May.


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