May 4, 2009

We'll Sing a Song That We All Know

Today is Bart's birthday. It's his last birthday in his twenties. So, in his honor, twenty nine things I love about Bart. In the non-mushiest way possible.

  1. He has learned that I need excessive enthusiasm about basically everything. Thus, at almost every meal, you can hear him saying, "This is the best meal I have ever eaten in my entire life."
  2. He will watch and enjoy movies like "Pride and Prejudice" or "Bleak House" and "Cranford." You cannot ask for much more.
  3. He acts genuinely interested when I give him long detailed summaries of the books I'm reading.
  4. He loves kids and can't wait to have his own, but has never pressured me about having children.
  5. Once he makes a decision about doing something, he moves forward quickly.
  6. He and I have almost the same tolerance for museums. Thank heavens.
  7. When he realized I was slowly dying from the lack of my own cellphone (a cellphone which I insisted I didn't need because, oh the cost), we went in and I got a cellphone that very night.
  8. He kills all the bugs. Even the ones smaller than a pencil eraser which I said I would kill.
  9. He has drastically changed his life plans to better meet my personal needs (hello, accounting!)
  10. He is always up for an evening walk or bike ride.
  11. He is totally sold on subtitles as the true way to watch a movie. Or at least pretends to be.
  12. He never minds when I need to be alone or spend the evening reading on the couch.
  13. He is one of the hardest workers I know - his dedication to CPA prep would blow your mind.
  14. He has almost limitless faith in my abilities. As someone who fears failure, this is a huge blessing for me.
  15. He will almost always concede to my insatiable need for frugality/cheapness.
  16. He is a nice dresser, but not obsessive about expensive clothes (except for white dress shirts from Brooks Brothers, which he calls the BMW of dress clothing).
  17. He gets frustrated at bad driving and heavy traffic (as someone with a bit of a short fuse married to someone with almost limitless patience, it is heartwarming to see him lose his cool over something that rarely bothers me).
  18. He enjoys silly things like late-night trips to Wal-mart as much as I do.
  19. He loves to travel, and lets me plan almost everything. Huzzah!
  20. He has learned that a short-sleeve dress shirt is an oxymoron. Men of the world, take note.
  21. He makes it easy to be social - I know that most people will like Bart and that he'll make any event fun.
  22. He has encouraged me to be more active and healthy.
  23. He makes me feel like Superwoman. He constantly praises my ability to multi-task and get things done.
  24. He lives in fear that I'll decide to be a vegetarian. I find this incredibly endearing.
  25. He loves my family. There is little else he could have done to make me love him so much.
  26. He is amazingly generous - he always is suggesting we take some cookies over to friends or write a thank you card or do some small (or large) act of service.
  27. He knows when the best thing he can say is, "Would you like to go out to dinner tonight?"
  28. He makes almost all of the personal phone calls (I make up for it by making all the phone calls to the credit card company, the airline, and the cell phone providers).
  29. He is even better looking at 29 than he was at 25 (we just watched our wedding videos this weekend, so I speak with great authority). Men just age better.

Happy Birthday, Bart! I hope this is your best year ever. Until next year, of course.


  1. Happy Birthday, Bart! Hope it's great.

    And yes, with subtitles is the ONLY way to watch movies. Too many actors mumble.

  2. Have a wonderful birthday today! We'll call you tonight!

  3. Happy Birthday Bart!!

    I cannot agree more with #20.

    (Also, our men have twinner birthdays, I love it.)


  4. Happy Birthday, Bart! Here's to another Taurus!!!

    Great post, Janssen.

  5. I don't know your birthday boy, but you make me want to know the two of you together--your comments about him are endearing and it didn't seem like you were stretching at all to come up with 29 of them! The ability to sincerely compliment someone like that is a lost art. Kudos to you.

  6. Yay :) Happy Birthday Bart. I love that I can say like 25 of these 29 things for Tyler's 29th this October. yay for young girls being married to old men. ;)

  7. Sounds like you have a keeper! He sounds amazing, hope he has a happy birthday!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Happy Birthday to Bart! So glad he's in my program so I could meet the two of you!

  10. Oh, that was cute. I'm so glad you're in love. I just love in love couples :) Happy Birthday, Bart. (you don't look like a Bart)

  11. Ahhhh very sweet! Tell him Happy Birthday from us!

  12. I have to congratulate you on writing such a post without making me gag even once! I have an abominably low tolerance for cheese in movies and blog posts, meaning that I can almost never read things that girls write about their husbands. Excellent work. :)

  13. I figure if I admit here to having a crush on your husband, it makes it totally okay and acceptable, right? Numbers 1, 2, 12, 14, 20, 26, 27 and 28 sealed it for me. Happy birthday, Bart!!

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  15. I wish more people believed in #20.

  16. Well, I left a comment that might seem weird to some people (though it just referenced a silly fight Bart and I had when we were little). So I deleted it...

    Instead, I will just wish Bart a happy 29th! You are an awesome brother, and I am glad you found Janssen for your wife. You must treat her just right to get a list like that. Have a great birthday! Love, M

  17. Holy Mushy! :)
    Happy Birthday Bart!

  18. Now you just need 29 comments saying Happy Birthday.

    So Happy Birthday, Bart!

  19. "Men just age better." Is there anything more depressing than that?

  20. How sweet! Happy birthday Bart! And I agree with #1. I keep reminding Mr. F. about that one. However, it has been still less than a year, so I will forgive him. ;)

  21. Happy Birthday Bart! Janssen, I love hearing about the little things that make two people love each other. I can't wait until I have someone about whom I can find little things to love.

    Traveling with someone who not only lets, but likes you to do all of the planning is the best kind of partnership!

  22. In reference to #2 - did you happen to catch 'Little Dorrit'? Because it was just as fabulous as 'Cranford'. :)

  23. You must be incredibly awesome in order to have a guy like him!

  24. happy birthday bart! way to get through all 29 things without being mushy :)

  25. That is so sweet! There must be something about those men born in 1980 - Aaron's b-day is actually Friday and they have a lot in common! I might have to borrow this idea for his b-day.

  26. Happy, happy birthday! What a great tribute!

  27. Aww...this is so sweet! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  28. Reading this makes me realize even more how much you and Philip are alike, and how much Bart and I are alike (except Philip kills the bugs...not me).

  29. I love that entire list. Ya'll are the cutest couple. #14 and #20 are particularly good, and the bug one.

    Happy Birthday (late) to Bart.

  30. happy belated birthday ^_^
    janssen, that is such a great list. he sounds like a great guy. does he have a single older brother - hehe


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