April 15, 2009


There is something so delightful about the day you're going on a trip. Everything just seems a little bit magical. I mean, sure I'm going to school today just like normal, but I have a suitcase in the trunk! I have a backpack emptied of textbooks and loaded up with lovely new TLA books that will be devoured on the plane. I don't have lunch, I have snacks for the plane! (Nevermind that the snacks for the plane are in every way identical to the lunch I eat every last dang day).

Today is the much-anticipated trip to Arizona to see Kayla (the trip that was tragically rescheduled due to her husband coming down with the plague, but very untragically rescheduled for less than half of the original cost. I am swimming in Southwest credit).

The sun is shining, I just had a delicious lunch at a lovely little deli with my supervising librarian, and I'm going on vacation tonight. Not bad for a Wednesday in April.


  1. ....it's snowing.

    I want a trip to Arizona, and a backpack of books, and a supervising librarian, and Southwest credit!

    I want to be you when I grow up.


    (PS, depiste snark above, I really hope you have a fantastic time!)


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