March 25, 2009

Time to Start Panicking

The worst part of coming back from spring break is that thing where suddenly projects, papers, assignments, and work comes crashing down.

That moment has come.

Excuse me while I go breathe into a paper bag.

But it'll be a really fast paper bag breathing session because I don't have time to panic.


  1. Thank you for keeping the brown paper bag industry afloat!

  2. My daughter just called in a panic saying just about the same thing. Her schedule for the next 8 days boggles my mind. The only reason she had time to call is because she was running through a hail storm from one building to another.

    Along those lines - I guess you won't have time to read these comments or write a new post.

    Will be thinking of you and wishing you luck.

  3. I just started reading "Graceling". Started reading, of course meaning I started last night and have not been able to put it down and am now half way done while I am still in my pj's...hey, it's laundry that good excuse?
    So far, I really enjoy it!

  4. I so hear you on this one! Seriously. Stress to the max (only I didn't get the spring break).

  5. Good luck! You're almost done!

  6. Have you seen my lunch bag, Babe? It was the one with a big 'B' on it.

  7. Spring break just ended for me as well and it's amazing how all those papers and projects I thought I had plenty of time for are now all suddenly due basically tomorrow.

  8. I have felt this way all week long...I am really behind and all three of my library desks are full of piles!!! Next week I am not going to start any new projects until my desks are cleaned off and I am going to keep repeating that until it comes true!!


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