March 14, 2007

Review Policy

I am happy to receive review and advance reader copies of books. My preferred genres are picture books and young adult and middle grade novels, including fantasy, romance, realistic fiction, and science fiction. I also accept juvenile non-fiction, and adult fiction and non-fiction.

I do not guarantee a review of every book I receive, but I do make an effort to read every book I receive, and to review and recommend those that I think will be of interest to my readers.

Posts will only go up on this blog - links to the reviews will be posted to Goodreads as well.

I do not accept self-published or e-books at this time.

I can be contacted by email

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  1. Hey, Jansson! I'm Heather and Noelle's mom...I was just wondering if you happened to read Run! by Ann Patchett. Can you recommend any great adult fiction for our LDS book group to read this fall that would make good discussion? To give you an idea, some of our favs have been Snow Flower an the Secret Fan, Wild Swans, Memoirs of a Geisha (tho we do read a lot of non-Asian stuff!!) Peace Like a River, My Grandfather's Blessings, Life of Pi, Crossing to Safety, Pride and Prejudice, Crow Lake, Barbara Kingsolver...If any great titles come to mind, please email me: Thanks and good luck with the move!! Julie T


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