February 18, 2009

These Are Little Known Facts

You know how in those dumb little "getting to know you" games (oh, how I loathe those), they always ask you to share some random fact about yourself?

I am lousy at thinking up those kinds of things. Ask me a question about Gilmore Girls or about the most recent book I've read or what I like to cook or where to eat in Austin, and I'll talk your ear right off. Ask me to share a random fact with you and prepare for a long and awkward silence.

Today, I decided on the one I'll use for the foreseeable future until I come up with something better:

When I write my name ("Janssen," for any of you who need catching up), I never ever ever put the top bar on the "J." It's always just the one single line. Whenever I see my name written with a J with a top bar, I do a little double-take; it almost doesn't look like my name.

What is your excellently random fact?


  1. Can't think of one single thing. The word to type in today is redbeado. Too funny.

  2. I have a slew of these facts waiting in the wings because I was a freshman mentor in college for two years, and then I worked at a summer camp for two summers. That means A LOT of icebreaker games.

    The one I use most frequently is that I used to be a gymnast as a child, and I was training for the Sydney Olympics. It becomes more impressive as gymnastics gets harder and I get older.

  3. Hmmmm...... toughie, I guess mine would be I chew gum when I'm anxious about something- if I feel stressed or eager about something I need to chew gum- it doesn't bode well for job interviews though...

  4. Mine is always that I rode in a golf cart with President and Sister Monson. Of course, you can use this one too.

  5. I never sign my name in capital letters....ever.


  6. I have tons of random facts just waiting in the wings! Like this one:
    I genuinely don't know how old I am when I'm asked. I can give you an age range, but it takes me a while to remember the exact number of years.

  7. Oh, dear. I have NO IDEA. Except this: my first name has 8 letters, my middle also has 8, and if I marry Bill ever, my last name will have 11. Holy Long Name, Batman!

  8. Random: I always check the certificates in elevators if I take them.

    As far as names go, I always use all my initials in emails but never sign anything with my middle name, even though it's on all the official paper work. I don't like it. I can't wait to trade it.

    I rarely write Js with a top either. They look weird. It seems very formal.

  9. I hate egss, unless they are baked into cakes and cookies of course.

    I was born with two teeth which I didn't lose until I was the very last child in the first grade to lose any teeth. My mom said it was funny to watch people try and guess my age when I was a baby--at two months I had a head full of hair and teeth.

    I bungee jumped head first off a 170 foot crane when I was a junior in high school. No mat.

    I guess I'm full of these--too many getting to know you games in college too.

  10. I know how you feel! I always have the hardest time coming up with a random fact or any sort of special talent.. I do have a word though, for when you have to participate in the whole "say a word that starts with the letter of your first name" game... Loquacious Laura.. I've used that one a ton :)

  11. Yet another reason why we are such dear friends.

    My last name never gets a top bar either. It might be that I just have horrible handwriting and a bar would only draw more attention to my sloppiness.

  12. My last name gets no top bar, either. Also, admittedly, I spent months practicing how to write my last name because I'd never had to write capital "J"s on a regular basis before I got married.

    But my random fact is...

    I'm missing one of my front teeth. I have the top two front teeth, but the second of my bottom two front teeth never grew in. But thanks to the miseries of 6 years in orthodontist chairs, you can't even tell :)

  13. I never cross my J's either! I did as a kid, but wonder what on earth I was thinking??! I looks so weird now!

  14. I love that. It's perfect. I hate those getting to know you games too!! They're the worst!

  15. I have all types of stored random facts. My friends and I just completed 25 random things on facebook. Coming up with 25 was difficult.

    One of mine is I have no children, but own two pets. One I adopted, the other adopted me.

  16. Usually I don't like weird body tricks and trivia, but mine is too good not to share. I have a scar (about 2 inches long) on the back of my calf from when I got cut by a car exhaust pipe in 5th grade. Part of the scar is blue; I don't know why. I never look at it because it grosses me out.

  17. Well, for Two Truths and Lie, I alwaysALWAYS go with:

    1. I have had the chicken pox four times.

    2. I was once in the hospital for nearly a month.

    3. I've had arthritis since I was 12.

    I like that they're all health-related. The first one is the lie, by the way. I've only had chicken pox three times.

  18. my random fact is that our dream school isn't terribly dreamy... but it does come with in-state tuition, cheap housing and closer to my family. these things make it dreamy to us. any guesses?

  19. I like to eat bananas and cheese - together. Don't knock it till you try it.

    I count - everything. My fingers are constantly strumming and I'm counting to "5" over and over in my head. Drives Bryan nuts. Talk about an OCD

    I love the smell of bleach.

    I hate to breath carbon dioxide. Bryan better breath away from me during make out sessions. :)

  20. Butterflies taste with their feet.

  21. That's so interesting! I just did the 25 interesting things about me meme and it was hard to come up with all of those random facts! Here's another: My favorite cheese is smoke gouda. YUM!

  22. hahahahaha - come to think of it, whenever I write "Johnson" I do the same thing. Can I steal your random fact? :)

    Oh, and I never capitalize becca when I sign letters

  23. I think of mayonnaise as "White Death" and I can't figure out why.

  24. I've had the same keyring since I got my first car 16 years ago.

    My middle name is Star, no, really.


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