January 20, 2009

Today is the Day

I don't think I have ever watched an inauguration before, but I am today.

I'm grateful to live in a country where the transfer of power is peaceful and where I can vote for whomever I want.

I know the Internet is littered with Inauguration posts and the last thing you need is another one, but I want to look back and remember that I watched it. That I lived it.

(image from ABC News)

It's a good day to be an American.


  1. No, I plan on writing up a post about this too (after work). It was my first time listening to an inauguration (hides head in shame).

    What an amazing speech! It is a VERY good day to be an American.

  2. I had the same thought about the peaceful transfer of power. In what other country does the exiting leader stand side by side with the new leader. I cried watching the Obamas and Bidens waving farewell to the Bushes as they flew away from the Capitol. Again, where else would you see this? I'm proud of us.

  3. We have been lucky. Let's us pray that we stay that way.

  4. Well said. I'm glad you reminded me this morning that it was on and that I got to watch this historic event.

  5. Was that today? I totally missed it!

  6. well said. i'm going to watch it on youtube tonight. :) and i'm totally stealing your 2008 in review questions and making aaron do them. that would be a fun tradition every year!

  7. I agree re: the sentiment on being an American. I live in the Netherlands but have both nationalities since I was born in the US and lived in California for ten years. I felt so unbelievably proud to be an American today! I hope the whole country can come together like we were on the mall together.

    although, in response to Terri B., I do have to say that peaceful transition of power is the rule in every democratic country (at least in Europe). I think it's actually quite customary for old and new leaders to stand side by side. Although it was extra special today since both men have such different ideas yet are united by the job they both undertook and sacrificed themselves for.

  8. A terrific day!
    I myself was forced to experience it via RADIO!
    Long story......

  9. You know what i love most about that picture you posted? Seeing the blank space that was COMPLETELY PACKED with people yesterday. SO cool.

  10. I had the same thought as Lara, looking at that beautiful photo. It was packed with people. :-)


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