January 9, 2009

This is what Thursday breakfast looks like

Homemade lemon poppyseed muffins with lemon curd and fresh fruit

For the record, it was somewhat more like lunch, seeing as we ate it at 12:15 in the afternoon.


  1. can I come live with you? we had eggos.

  2. I'm somewhat bitter about the difference between what your Thursday morning breakfast looked like and what mine looked like (a carton of low fat yogurt).

  3. FAB dishes :)

    I could duplicate this almost exactly!

  4. Please! You are making us look like complete slackers! Which I really am. Quit rubbing it in. LOL

    Love the cake stand with white with red polka dots. (Told you that before?) It would go very nicely with my white dishes, too. (I won't run out and buy one to copy you. I promise.)

    Really, don't stop. I enjoy seeing and hearing about other people enjoying their lives.

    Random, but did you make or buy the lemon curd?

  5. you're so fun and fancy! I'm going to make cinnamon rolls this weekend but I don't have nearly as cute tableware as you...

  6. That's not what my Thursday breakfast look like. Did you make the lemon curd as well?

  7. Yum! Love the cake stand. Presentation can make almost any meal a grand occasion.

  8. PS - are the polka dots red or orange? I keep saying red, but now they orange.

  9. Goodness, you get out the fancy ware just for breakfast? I'm lucky if I get a napkin to eat off of...and a clean one at that.

  10. ......

    no words.

    please to send.

    at least recipe.

    and possibly cake stand.


  11. Ok I'm totally drooling!! I love lemon anything and now I have to make these soon! Oh and how cute is your cake stand?! love it.


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