January 7, 2009

Home is Where You Can Wear Sandals in January

It's easier to leave behind your beloved family members and the fun and relaxation of Christmas break when you're coming home to a location you really love.

Also, when you leave SIX degree Utah and return to 67 degree Austin, well, that eases the pain a surprising amount too.

It was so lovely to not have to take my entire outfit into the bathroom with me when I showered this morning.

It was fantastic to have an entire closet to choose from this morning when I got dressed.

And it was even delightful to go grocery shopping and restock my kitchen today.

I love being home.

And here are a very very few pictures from Christmas break (part of Bart's 2009 goals include taking over picture-taking duties in our household as I am obviously a miserable miserable failure):

With Crawford at the BYU bowl game. We were inside the box where it was snugly and warm.

At the Bellagio indoor gardens. Lovely as always. Yes, I'm wearing almost the exact same thing as in the previous picture. Wait until you see the next picture.

Oh, hello same outfit. Nice to see you again. I met up with Heidikins at the Salt Lake Public Library, where she gave us a lovely informal tour. Also first meeting with an honest-to-goodness Internet stranger. She was awesome.

At the King's English Bookshop in Salt Lake. It was the same day, so yes, I'm wearing exactly the same thing. You're probably wondering why I took two large suitcases home with me, when I appear to have only worn one thing the entire trip.


  1. Love the scarf!
    Brad and I were talking the other night about how nice it is to have friends that you click with, that you can talk forever about nothing, and that you can hang out endlessly without ever worrying about if anything awkward is going to come. You were the example Brad used.
    Your next visit can't come soon enough. If it wasn't for the busy season Brad's just ventured into, we'd be coming to visit you.

  2. "Do you actually own another suit?" (My Date with the President's Daughter) But really, it was a great outfit! So why not wear it four times while on vacation?

  3. Seriously Janssen. How come you didn't email me? It would have been fun to meet another internet stranger. I swear I'm honest and good too! ;)

  4. Sounds like you had fun even if you are glad to be home.

    About the outfit - if you hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have noticed.

  5. you're so right. "Home is Where You Can Wear Sandals in January" is now one of my official life mottos. yes, i've been soured by the 48 straight hours of snow here this week. is it that obvious?

  6. Well, at least the outfit is a dang cute one right?

  7. I am really glad I am not the only one who hates getting dressed right after she showers. I just hate the way my clothes stick to me when I pull them on while still damp.

  8. Getting home is probably my favorite thing about travel. But I'm glad that you had a good trip.

  9. It was so lovely to meet you! And I love your scarf...and the fact that we both wore scarves. :o)

    Happy Austin!


  10. I do the same thing . . .pack a suitcase full of clothes that I don't wear and then end up sending a box or two home because I have to make room for the new clothes my partner-in-shopping-crime mother buys for me or encourages me to buy. Every year, without fail. One day I'll learn.

    PS: I'm so jealous that you're in 60 degree weather.

  11. Clearly, I need a scarf. I will have to fix that this weekend.

    I need to know, why are you both crouching in the library picture? Very low ceilings? Mid-squat workout? Ducking a stray paper airplane? WHAT?

  12. Ah, love The King's English. Looks like you had a nice trip.

  13. Okay, seriously, you and Heidikins are adorable.

    That is all.


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