December 8, 2008

Food - My Favorite Topic

I know some people eat different foods all the time. Not me. For breakfast and lunch and snacks, I'm a creature of habit.

For breakfast it's almost always:
- a banana strawberry smoothie
- occasionally cold cereal

For lunch:
- a granola bar
- apple slices
- dried fruit (on occasion, when it's not horrendously expensive)
- yogurt
- peanut butter sandwich
- white bean dip
- carrots/celery
- any leftovers

- melted cheese toast
- chips and salsa mixed with sour cream

I've been eating virtually that same menu for about six years. I used to do a ham sandwich instead, but it takes too much effort and also, for some reason in the last few months, the thought of a ham sandwich makes me feel ill.

Are you a "different meal every day" kind of person or a "stick to the same things for years" eater? And what do you eat?


  1. I feel you on the ham sandwich. I was that way with corn dogs. I ate them every day for lunch (sometimes breakfast!) in high school and now the thought leaves me a little ill. Except when I'm at the mall, I usually get a Hot Dog on a Stick (but they're way better than my frozen corn dogs).

  2. I'm the "same kind of food every day a for a few weeks" sort of person. Then I'll go shopping again and buy a surplus and it changes up. Some staples are definitely: oatmeal, graham crackers, a glass of milk with just about everything, tuna sandwiches, and cookie dough. Yes, as part of a meal.

    If you like dried fruit you should try the dried pineapple they have at Trader Joe's. No added sugar blah blah blah. They sell it in actual rings. It is good stuff I tell you.

  3. I go through phases sometimes where I'll eat the same thing for about a week for breakfast, but lunch and dinner are always different everyday. Maybe if I stuck to the same choices like you I could be thin too!

  4. I can barely get through a box of the same cereal for a week. By Wed. I'm thinking "Ugh, this again? I wish I had -insert another cereal here-"

  5. I can go a few months with the same thing, but then I get tired of it. I think it's because I don't have the vast repertoire of foods that you do. I'll eat a spinach wrap and chips every dang day for 4 months...then it gets REAL old.

  6. That was slightly misleading...chips never get old. Spinach wraps do. :)

  7. I tend to stick to the same basic things. Leftovers or a turkey wrap for lunch. Cheerios and a side of lox in the mornings. Although a strawberry banana smoothie sounds great, and healthy.

  8. Breakfasts are usually consistenly the same - Special K. I do, however, rotate between Special K with red berries and fruit and yoghurt Special K. For dinner I rotate about 10 or so regulars, but I have to try something new every couple weeks. Lunch is almost always leftovers, so they rotate in the same manner. However, the one thing that never does change is I must have chocalte every day.

  9. I'm with Merrick. I'll eat the same thing for several months and then get sick of it and not eat it again for years. I'm just now cycling back to cold cereal for breakfast after a five year hiatus.

    All summer long I ate vanilla yogurt with almonds, raisins, and craisins mixed in for lunch. I am SO done with that!

  10. I can't believe you eat the same things everyday. I had a peanut butter sandwich 3 days in a row and about went crazy! That is funny! Oh and about running 10 minutes...that is about what I do too. Can you imagine running for 4 straight hours? I can't.

  11. I'm an "always different" kind of girl...except for weekday breakfast. That is almost always yogurt (yoplait, harvest peach, custard style) and wheat toast.

    I do love me the chips, salsa, and sour cream for a snack...or for dinner. Ahem. ;o)


  12. I eat the KIND of food every day for a couple weeks in a row. For example- I'll eat salad with different toppings for a week or two, then wraps with different fillings, then sandwichs with different stuff- all depending on what we have on hand.

    In the summer I'll have a side of carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers with dressing with every meal.


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