November 12, 2008

Things I'm Loving Today

I'm Your Man by Michael Buble:I have only listened to it forty or fifty times today. And yesterday. It is hard to keep from dancing at my desk when I listen to it.

My recent lucky streak:
A $15 gift card from Lisa
A handmade fused glass necklace from Isabel
Two hardbound books from Natasha

The thought of Christmas:
Have already broken out the Josh Groban Christmas CD
Am working on my Christmas list

The thought of school being over in three weeks and one day:
I am most certainly counting down the minutes.

My famous friend:
Ralphie and her magnificent talent (Cannot leave Austin - who will photograph my sure-to-be darling children?)

My library:
Is reopened after weeks of being shut for renovation.

Kayla and Nikki's new private fitness/health blog:
It is called "Really Small Knickers." Do you need more reason to want to join?


  1. I have to freely admit how lame I am for how long it took for this books to get to you! Must work on that!

  2. I am looooovin' you right now, Janssen.

    There's a whole lot of love right here, around my monitor.

  3. I love me both Michael Buble and Josh Groban.

    If you cracked out your Christmas CD, I might have to crack out mine...

  4. Okay, I'm going to be a downer. I don't like Josh Groban's Christmas CD. Don't get me wrong; I love Josh Groban's singing and his other CD's. I'm just not impressed with this CD. I'm not even sure why.


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