November 28, 2008


Today I'm grateful for:
  • Our lovely bike ride this morning, and especially that it didn't start raining until we were pulling back into our driveway
  • The leaves in our neighborhood that are finally beginning to change
  • Lovely, wonderful friends who not only throw a big Thanksgiving day extravaganza, but also organize a day-after leftovers dinner
  • Christmas decorations and music
  • A clean and cozy house
  • My newly hemmed pants
  • Doing some homework this afternoon
  • Bart raking the leaves in our front lawn
  • My two new 99 cent tank tops (yes, I have done my part to stimulate the economy)


  1. That last one is great. I tried to do my part but couldn't handle the insanely long lines last night at the outlet stores. Especially Nike and Banana Republic.

    Not to mention that I felt like I was too tired to make wise money-spending decisions. It's always nice to come home with money still in your pocket!

  2. ....But even better to come home with brand spankin' new shoes!

  3. Good thing the rain waited until you were done!!! :)
    I love "gratitude" lists.
    I need to find ME some .99 clothes!!!

  4. I love Christmas music and decorations! I am waiting for Jason to come home so we can put up our tree!

    You always find the best deals!


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