October 7, 2008

Thoughts after Studying for a Test

Am I the only one who finds myself constantly thinking "why can't I search this book?" It's unbelievably annoying to be reading a textbook and know that the information I need is somewhere in there, but there is no easy way to find it. If only I could load Google onto my textbooks.

On the other hand, it's nice not to have to worry if I'll be able to get a wireless signal for my book when I'm in the bowels of the library.

Oh, I'm a computer addict? I know.


  1. I guess an all-inclusive index would add too much bulk. Just a CTRL+f feature would be nice, if not a search feature.

  2. SO TRUE. No wonder students prefer the web nowadays. So much more user friendly than text books!

  3. I think that it is only a matter of time until text books will only be on computer and/or internet. There would be some advantages such as errors could be fixed quickly and having only one item to pack around instead of several books.

    The bad things about that are: it is harder research/compare several articles at the same time on the computer (I like to have several encyclopedias and other books open at once); computers are not as comfortable as a book to take to bed with you; it isn't good for the computer to fall on the floor when you nod off; reading off the computer screen is harder on the eyes; and for us older people, harder to remember what is on the computer versus a piece of paper.

    I personally prefer a real book with real paper. Having the capability of looking up a key word or phrase quickly would be great, tho. I actually have several ideas how this could be done, but getting it done is another matter. :)

  4. I'm seriously glad I don't go to school anymore! But I feel the same way when I don't mark the quotes I like in a book and then have to figure out where they are.

  5. Oh my! During my English major I despaired when I finished a novel without a notebook beside me - because that meant I hadn't recorded the page numbers of the juiciest quotes. Writing the essay on the text was never as difficult as scanning the pages for the quotes I remembered reading. Argh! At least for my film essays I could scan the IMSDb!

  6. That right there may be the marketing point for the Amazon Kindle!

  7. So, so addicted. As am I, as am I.


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