September 9, 2008


I wake up.

At six a.m.

I go to work.

I do my TA office hours.

I do some homework.

I go to class.

I come home, check my email, and go straight to bed.

And that is why I have nothing to say except "yawn."

A yawn for my boring, busy life and a yawn because I'm freaking exhausted.


  1. No doubt you're being run ragged, be encouraged to learn. To be in that environment again. I so often yearn for it; enjoy it while you can.

  2. Hey, you forgot your 45 minute phone conversation with your mother. Now there was some fun times!!

  3. Ow. Try to make a little down time for yourself. Cook on Saturday and eat leftovers all week. Not kidding. Will save you tons of time during the week. Do you have a slow cooker/Crockpot? (I don't like to leave mine on while I'm gone, but you could cook soup or stew or? while studying.) Use cheap paper plates. (I know, I know. But, think of the time, detergent, and water you'll save.) Just trying to help. :) Hang in there.

  4. nice schedule! this weekend you need to go out and see a movie or something relaxing like that...better yet, shut yourself up in your room and read a good book! miss seeing you in church. hope all is well!


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