August 30, 2008


Tonight Bart and I went to the first game of the UT football season (we showed up at half-time because we are totally fair weather fans and not true die-hard-paint-our-chests-get-on-ESPN fans).

99% of the crowd were wearing Longhorn orange (including Bart with his free MPA t-shirt).

The stadium was jammed, with a record 98,000 in attendance.

After the game was won, they set off fireworks and lit the tower up in orange.

And Matthew McConaughey was there.

All in all, I think I could really like UT football.


  1. Sheesh - no comments until this one. How did that happen?

    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself at a football game. But, I personally would almost rather have a root canal than attend a football game.

  2. I love me some Matthew McConaughey

  3. Matthew McConahottie was there?? Actually these days he's kind of a slob...

  4. I heard McCanaughey stinks. He professed his disuse of deodorant on Oprah. I would think with all that running on the beach and such that he'd need some. Anyways, he was there and so were you guys. That's pretty cool.
    Hook Em' Horns.


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