August 19, 2008

Back to School

The first day of school is one week and one day away. And while I know that it's going to be a very busy semester, what with my internship, my library job, and twelve credits, I also am really excited. I can't wait to be in classes again, for campus to be filled with students, and to be swamped with homework (hmm, I'll have to rethink that last one).

I'm a school nerd, through and through, I know.

In January, when I started classes, it didn't seem quite as real - going back to school after Christmas is not the same as starting in the fall. Also, this time, I'll be on campus virtually every day, instead of only twice a week. And Bart will be in school, so it'll really feel like the whole world is going back to campus, rather than just me.

Also, my sister graduated last weekend from BYU and seeing the pictures of her in her robes made me really excited to finally finally get to walk. Plus, I'll get some sort of spiffy masters hood. And that's really what matters to me.

On the other hand, though, it's particularly lovely today to be sitting in my pajamas still at 8:15 after getting eight hours of sleep.


  1. Yeah, it really is all about the hood, isn't it? Good luck on your first day of school! :)

  2. Except that when you are at graduation, you will notice that nobody actually knows how to wear the stupid thing.

  3. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that finds so much joy in the hood. Seriously, that was a huge motivation for me going back to school. When I get mine I'm wearing it for at least a week (maybe just to bed, but for a week).

  4. That whole post was just to say "neener neener" wasn't it? I SO want to go back to school.

  5. I love "Back to School" I'm so glad I will be able to live vicariously through you for a bit. ;o)



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