June 12, 2008

Welcome to My Life

I know I'm all Scrooge-y over here most of the time, and when we got the quote for our AC replacement on Monday night, I was pretty distressed.

But, I've discovered, nothing will help you part with your money more easily than being in a house that is hovering between 88 and 90 degrees for five days. In fact, you may positively sing as you write out that check.

Of course, now our toilet handle is broken. Fortunately, that's a $5 fix, not a many thousand dollar one.


  1. I just want you to know that it is currently 54 degrees here. I may turn the heat on when I get home.

    I'm a sour puss today over this.

  2. When we lived in Texas our AC was not working very well at all. We'd have to crank it really high (read: expensive)for it not to really cool things off. So we invested a (butt)load of money and financed a new system. My monthly payment on the thing with my lower energy bill was the equivalent of my old bill. Unfortunately, we moved before it was paid for and part of our equity went toward paying it ff.

    Do you have homeowner's insurance? Not the kind that covers the structure, but the kind that covers systems, appliances, etc. Our big mistake was in not calling them first.

  3. I did that in 98 when it was 108 outside. I threw money at that AC like it was candy.


  4. our ac was out for 3 days [in August] when we lived in illinois... so not only was it hot... but it was like 1,000,000% humidity. i wanted to die. glad you got it fixed :)

  5. I hate expensive things that can't be avoided...but it is essential to have a good AC in my opinion! :) It's one of things you forget to be thankful for until it's not working!

  6. Oh boy, that doesn't sound like fun. When I was growing up, we didn't even have AC or a swamp cooler, and finally got AC when I was about 13!!! Those were not fun summers.

  7. Ironically, our toilet handle broke recently too...however we have not fixed it. Now that I know it's only $5 I might just get myself over to Home Depot today and get a replacement part. Genius.

  8. Another late comment. It is June 19. It is 62 degrees in the house, and the furnace kicked on this morning. (I turned it completely off and put on a flannel shirt.)

    Welcome to the joys of home ownership. I hate to burst bubbles, but wait until you need a new roof or need the foundation fixed.

    Oh, but I'd pay anything (well, almost) not to rent.


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