June 13, 2008

Soaring, Flying

I know some people don't particularly love to fly (my mom would fall into this category) and some people totally loathe flying (I have a good friend who falls in this category, but I won't out her here).

I, however, love to fly. I like researching flights and picking a good deal. I like going to the airport (particularly the Austin airport which is so lovely and small and clean and wonderful and has short security lines generally) and I love our tradition of stopping at Subway just outside the airport.

And I particularly like getting on the plane, plopping down in the window seat (I always get the window seat because Bart is nice), taking off my shoes and having several solid hours to read.

I like watching the city disappear below me and then landing in a new city.

I love the rush of take off and the bouncing when you land. I even secretly enjoy a bit of turbulence.

So yes, I find the traveling part of traveling almost as enjoyable as the being there part of traveling.

And in a few years when I'm planning to travel by plane with one or two small children, I'll probably reread this entry and wish to stab myself in the eye because the words "relaxing" and "enjoyable" will no longer be in my "traveling by plane" vocabulary.

(Also, I wrote this entry on Thursday and set it to post on Friday and wouldn't it just be so ironic if the plane trip that I took on Thursday night didn't go well and I died or something?? I am so so hopeful that when you read this, I am still alive).


  1. I don't know if I am the said friend or not but GAG. I got nauseous just reading the post. Glad you like it though, I used to feel the same way. Hope you are safe too! The dogs and I have set up our patrol outside of your house too, lest anyone get any wise ideas.

  2. I like flying too. It's always just been part of my life for as long as I remember and it just doesn't stress me out. Like you, I LOVE the excuse to chill and read. All this being without kids of course. I had almost forgotten what that was like without kids and I was starting to wonder if I still liked flying. But then I took my trip ALONE from here to Dallas and I loved it. And about the first half of my flight to Japan was lovely too. On the return trip, I was almost sad I slept uncontrollably my whole flight back from the Dallas airport!

  3. I hope you're still alive too!

    I don't mind flying but I definitely don't look forward to it. Also I always went for aisle seats because of my height but now that I've met Torsten I've been trumped by a good eight inches, so now he always gets the aisle seat. Now I'm happy when flights we take have two-seat sections so that I don't have to sit in the middle.

  4. I think the thing that terrifies me the most about having children is the inevitable need to fly with them. Terrifying!

  5. Kristi, she's totally talking about you. And even if she wasn't, my immediate thought upon reading that sentence was, "KRISTI!"

    And where exactly did you fly to, Janssen? Are you still alive? Because I'm not going to Vegas without you and I really want to go to Vegas.

  6. So, I have to admit my inner geek. When I read your title I immediately thought "High School Musical", ha ha!
    I am with you though, I really like flying, too. I haven't been much but I just like the idea of being away from all of the stress with no way of anyone saying "You need to come in to work" or "Clean the house". And the hours to read are WONDERFUL, I need more of those hours in my day.

  7. Ugh. I just flew to Dallas and back with a toddler. Need I say more? Oh, I forgot--there was a four hour delay. You can just imagine how well that flight went. I thought they were going to land the plane halfway and tell us we had to walk.

  8. I love airports. I just hate when the plane takes off. or hits turbulence.

  9. I really like to fly too. I think it is the excitment of going somewhere new. However, I must agree, now that I have a child I am a little hesitant and scared to fly. (I can handle Kinsey's screams for hours, but can complete strangers, probably not.)

  10. Yes, I am the wimpy mom who doesn't love flying (actually just take-off and sudden turbulence). But I love to travel, so I talk myself through it and don't allow it to ruin my trip. You have to remember that I grew up during the 70's when all the "disaster movies" were being made -- and I didn't fly until my sophomore year in college. Lots of time to fear to be deeply ingrained. And I'm happy to report -- that just like my dislike of raw tomatoes -- I have not passed my fear on to any of my children. They're always happy to give me an understanding smile and hold my hand during my take-off jitters! Have fun camping in Utah, Sweetie!

  11. Have a safe trip!
    Enjoy your window
    seat and Subway!

    I too, LOVE me
    some flying!
    Airports are
    so exciting!
    So many different things
    happening and all.
    Way too cool!

  12. Flying with children is sooooo much fun - Like the time my 3-year-old and I couldn't sit next to each other because of a screw up (not mine!) and no one would trade seats. (Serves them all right - she screamed the whole 4 hours! You would have thought that after a few minutes, someone would have budged!) Or another time, when they wanted to bump me, but weren't going to let my 6-year-old daughter off the plane, too. (Hello???) Luckily, this time someone was nice and chose to be bumped instead. Thank you, again, to whoever you were/are.

  13. You are hilarious! (and I also enjoy flying, we'll ee how it goes with a baby in a month though)


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