June 9, 2008

Not Alone

Am I the only one who:

- Wishes for winter when it is summer and summer when it is winter?
- Hates wearing skirts to church, but voluntarily wears them on other days of the week?
- Has a rule that my husband must kill any bugs bigger than a pencil eraser?
- Uses the broken air conditioner as a great excuse to go out to dinner since "it's too hot to cook?"
- Hated naps as a child and now thinks naps are the greatest thing (way way better than sliced bread)?
- Doesn't hate Monday, but actually looks forward to it?
- Enjoys planning for vacation almost as much as actually going on it?
- Is deathly afraid of birds?
- Secretly loves McDonald's french fries?
- Has topics you cannot shut your mouth about for the life of you (word to the wise: never ever ever ask me about speech and debate)?
- Goes to a pool party but never actually gets in the pool?


  1. I am with you on almost all of those points. I can't get on board with looking forward to Mondays, but I agree completely with all the rest. IT'S SO HOT. But not hot enough to actually get in a pool. Yuck.

  2. I'm with you on everything except the Mondays. I definitely wanted to sleep in this morning!

  3. I am always in the pool, hate mondays, like birds....other than that I am pretty much with ya. :) Well, I also don't have too many rants that I could go on about, but I enjoy hearing yours ; )

  4. With you on the bugs, the naps, the birds, the fries, and the pool!!

  5. I LOVE mcdonald's french fries. particularly dipped in honey.

  6. I had a friend in high school who was deathly afraid of birds and I thought it was hysterical

  7. Amen! I'm totally with you on most of those. Not so much the mondays, and birds that are pets, but others--ick.

  8. I think that everyone secretly loves McDonalds Fries...

  9. I love McDonald's french fries - but it's no secret :)

  10. Oh, also DEATHLY afraid of birds. I'll post about my bird phobia this week. My friends find it entertaining. Because they are MEAN.

  11. yes to all of the above except for Mondays and birds :) (except for rabid pigeons in Rittenhouse square - frightening)

  12. I am terrified of birds. I'm sure I told you this before, but my maiden (and now middle) name is Janssen. love that you have it as a first name.

  13. Ditto on the church, planning vacations, and discussing work (everyone who knows me groans now when it even starts to come up).

  14. You had me except for the Mondays.
    If only we knew how good naps were when we were supposed to take them.

  15. I love me some McDonalds
    fries so much...
    it's not even a
    secret anymore!

    And I'm a nerd
    when it comes to
    planning out a
    vacation! It's
    so exhilarating!

  16. mmm... naps...
    I actually love wearing skirts on Sunday. Not sure why, but my special occasion gene LOVES kicking in and dressing up. Although it works much better when I don't have early church. Maybe this will change when I no longer go to a singles ward?

  17. speech and debate, like the ncfca?

  18. Has a rule that my husband must kill any bugs bigger than a pencil eraser?

    Heh. I have to kill the spiders in our house, and I have to get to them before Bawb does, or the Arachnid Rescue Committee gets involved. Ants, though, he'll kill.

    Amen on the naps and the McDonald's fries. They're totally the best. With honey mustard or fry sauce. Or with a hot fudge sundae.

  19. I'm proud to say that I am NOT a closet McDonald's french fry lover. I'm very open about it. I'd eat them all day every day if it wouldn't kill me.

  20. Indeed, I rarely wear my skirts on Sunday—that would be bad policy, you see.

    How is it that you will go out to eat in the wake of spending all your money on a new A/C but you won't go out on payday?

  21. I am always wishing it was the opposite season, except in the fall, I hate Monday's, and I hate cooking in the summer. Broken A/C or not.

  22. Yes to just about all of those things, but I am actually braver than Chris when it comes to killing bugs. And I hate dressing up just about any day of the week, but it's worse when it's mandatory for something church-related. Oh, and the birds. They don't scare me to death, but unless they're pretty, they are creepy.

  23. I am definitely with you on napping. Love it!


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