April 22, 2008

Not What You're Thinking

Today is Earth Day apparently and everyone on the Internet is talking about it. I like a bandwagon as much as the next person so I thought I'd share my Earth Day experience that is sort of about saving the planet and sort of about something else.

So I ride my bike to and from work (that's the part where I save the planet). Usually I come home around lunch time and, when I ride through the park, it's either deserted or has one or two very young children playing with their parents.

Today, though, my boss asked me to stay a few hours later to finish up a project. When I left, school was definitely out for the day and when I rode through the park, instead of seeing cute babies toddling around or enjoying the quietness of the park, I was confronted with a teenage couple making out. It is awkward to ride your bike around a couple in the middle of the sidewalk who obviously are not aware of your approach (and who, when they become aware of you, are none too pleased to be interrupted).

I maneuvered around them and breathed a sigh of relief, only to see that, ten yards ahead, another teenagey-looking couple was smooching on the bridge.

And then I passed another couple snuggling on a park bench.

It was sort of outrageous. Who knew that this park was Make-out Central? I really had no clue. I definitely prefer it in the early afternoon when it's just me, a few ducks, and perhaps an innocent, non-hormonal child or two.

The moral of this story? Don't ever stay late at work. And save the earth.


  1. Didn't you know that Earth Day is just code for Makeout Day? We just don't tell the parents so they don't find out.

  2. ewwww (to the hormonal teenagers. Not the bike riding. Yaaay to the bike riding)

  3. I second the "ewwww", and double "ewwww" because I used to be one of those people making out. Can't believe I was like that once.

  4. This totally cracks me up!! Bring a bucket of cold water with you next time!

  5. You would hate Spain, then. I went there ten years ago and the main thing that I remember was the teenage couples making out EVERYWHERE.


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