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April 17, 2008

In Which Life Rocks

Bart dropped me off at the bus stop today on his way to work. I caught my bus and as I was sitting down, I noticed a big sign in the window of the bus that said "FREE WI-FI ON BOARD."

So, yes, I'm writing this post from the bus. While it drives me to school. Needless to say, my heart is full of joy.

The only thing is. . .um, I don't really need to be online. Whereas I do have things I need to be reading for school right now. Goodbye laptop. Hello book.

But really! Free Wi-Fi on the bus.


  1. whoa...how do they do that????

  2. now that is cool!!! what is this world coming too? :)

  3. That totally rocks. That would have been useful for me when I rode the bus to law school. (Oh wait, I was too overburdened with law books to carry my laptop to school and I didn't have a wireless card for my laptop with a 28/8 dial-up modem. I guess I barely even had e-mail then and it was DOS-based.) My how times have changed!

  4. The day I walked into Les Schwab and could read blogs on my iPod Touch while I waited was a fantastic day. I love free wi-fi!! And on a BUS, no less. Life is GRAND! :)

  5. That rocks. Yeah, my Honda dealership and the pizza place by my job both have free wi-fi. It's good times.

  6. I was totally thinking to myself yesterday, "It would be SO AWESOME if the plane to Hawaii had free wi-fi!" Of course, it won't, but this raises my hopes that someday...

  7. My husband takes the bus to work and it has free wi-fi. He loves it!

  8. Free wi-fi on the bus? I wanna move to your town!


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