April 18, 2008

Good Fortune

In light of my last post about classes, this post seems especially timely.

This morning, I found out that the girl who took my place at work has turned in her two week notice as she has found a different job closer to her home. My boss called me in and asked me if I'd take back over my old job in two weeks when I'm out of school and do so for the five or six weeks I'm out of school while he finds a replacement and then I can train the new person too.

Going back to working full-time for that time period will allow me to make almost the exact amount that my tuition for fall semester is going to cost (this should tell you not that I make a lot of money, but that I picked a very inexpensive graduate program).

And then, when I said yes, my boss told me I was a rock star.

Which is always nice to hear from the person who cuts your check.


  1. what is it that a graduate student in texas does for work?

  2. Congratulations! I think you've got someone watching out for you at every turn. And your classes sound SO FUN! If George ends up taking a class with you, then I get to too sometime!!

  3. Janssen you must have incredible luck or an amazingly positive attitude (probably both) because you always write about wonderful things that happen to you.

  4. That is wonderful! I am convinced that there's no such thing as coincidences.


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