March 7, 2008

Full Disclosure

So, I took that earlier test on a real keyboard and now, at home on my laptop, I can't even come close to that original number.

Now, I attribute some of that to a laptop keyboard and some of it to the slower load time of new lines on my laptop than the computer I was using before.

But, because the difference is so vast (like 100 wpm different), I'm wondering if the test somehow lumped two of my scores together because I hit something after the first test that took me back to TheMoncurs and so I had to start over. Who knows?

I'm still hoping, though, that I'm really 239 wpm awesome.


  1. Okay, I took that dang test and officially SUCK at the whole WPM thing. I am secretly hoping your RIDICULOUS score of 290 (are you kidding me) was a fluke! I was even typing pretty fast. I thought, I might have to see her do this in person. Either way though...190 is ridiculously fast too. You're good're good. See you tonight!

  2. Well I am glad to hear that too. I took it (a couple of times) and attribute my less than phenomenal (200+wpm) score to using a laptop. Generally I pride myself in my typing score, but 90wpm didn't seem like much compared to your superman typing speed. I want to try on a real keyboard....

  3. Hmm...weird. I took it a few different times and usually ended up somewhere around the same speed (+ or - like, 10, not 100). Even on a laptop. Maybe it was a fluke? I don't know, but I'm still going to sit here in awe of your typing skills.

  4. Very honest of you - you easily could have left us all feeling completely handicaped compared to your superwoman speed! I'm now feeling better about myself - the mark of a true friend (niece!)


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