February 12, 2008

Will Blog For . . .

. . . . chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
. . . . someone to read my class assignments for me
. . . . a back patio
. . . . an Amy Winehouse CD
. . . . a pedicure
. . . . a cute shirt to wear to the gym
. . . . a higher interest rate on our savings/checking accounts (and a lower rate for our mortgage)
. . . . a faster computer
. . . . a bathroom scale
. . . . the privilege of checking out more than 15 books at a time from the library
. . . . the third season of Lost
. . . . the sixth season of 24
. . . . a week on a cruise ship
. . . . an iPod hookup in our car
. . . . strawberry lemonade
. . . . cheaper gas
. . . . a jacuzzi
. . . . a bed frame
. . . . a pantry

What will you blog for?

(P.S. For those of you who read Bart's blog, I didn't steal this from him. It was my idea last night).


  1. I said "Amen" to 90% of those. Right now, I would blog for more than 24 hours in a day so I could get everything done!

  2. hey, did you know you can watch season 3 of lost for FREE with high definition on abc.com? Just FYI.

  3. ...for defrosted chicken to always be on hand, cooked and cubed.

  4. ...for Claire to stop peeing her pants and for Scott to stop screaming like a girl at the very top of his lungs

  5. AMEN to Ralphie. I hate raw chicken with a burning passion.

  6. ...my new floors to be scrubbed completely glue-free and my furniture to be put back in place.
    ...liposuction so I can fit into some of my clothes again
    ...a job for my hubby where he could come home every night
    ...an unstinky, bathed clean dog
    ...a birthday gift idea for my hubby

  7. We got an iPod Car Hook up for our last road trip and I will not travel without it. It was amazing!

  8. Apparently, I am sort of an easy blogger, because I blog for a whole lot of NOTHING right now!

    Just kidding. People's appreciation of my eerie puff painting skills is worth everything. :)

    See also: Swedish fish.

  9. ...for someone to come clean my house so I don't have to do it.

  10. Ohhh, yum, strawberry lemonade! I love that stuff. I'll blog for a new laptop bag, that mirror/key holder from Target that I'm coveting and banana cream pie. Yum.

  11. She Likes PurpleFeb 13, 2008, 3:22:00 PM

    I'd blog for a new laptop, J. Crew peep-toe heels, Sephora merchandise, a new home, a MURANO and maybe some champagne.

    Great post idea.

  12. Awesome. I still love your blog.


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