February 9, 2008

What Does This Say About Me?

It's rather embarrassing when your mom calls you two days in a row and both times you miss her call because you're napping.

On the other hand, that kind of rocks.


  1. That doesn't kind of rock, that really rocks. I don't have time for a nap, so could you take one for me?

    and while you're at it, I'm very busy, so could you just run to the bathroom and go for me?


  2. I love it! Naps are great when they're needed!

    And to answer your question from my blog (what's the best way to do that anyway?), yes - I did end up graduating in History. I followed you to Comms and then to History... but I actually won't be joining you in library science. I want to be a dorky history professor. :) After I'm done having kids, here I come PhD!

  3. That is just phenomenal. My mom didn't call me, but I slept until 2:30 yesterday and it was all kinds of awesome

  4. Love, love, love afternoon naps. I need more of them. Glad you enjoyed yours this weekend.


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