February 20, 2008

Clinton v. Obama

Obama and Clinton are having a debate tomorrow at UT.

That's right, the school I go to.

And I could have entered my name in the lottery for student tickets. Except that we'll be leaving for Disneyland tomorrow night (don't even bother trying to break into our house; Kristi and her attack dogs of doom will be patrolling. Also, we have nothing worth stealing).

Unfortunately, I will be at school all day, which means that I'll get to deal with mad traffic and a crazy campus for a good 8 hours tomorrow.



  1. I'd feel sorry for you, but your going to Disneyland, so I won't waste my pity.

  2. That's right. It will be a slow painful death too. The attack dogs recently got ahold of my daughters little stuffed "Hello Kitty" and they don't have the mercy to go for the quick kill.....they ripped out the eyballs and chewed them into a million pieces first. If you are still tempted to go mess with Janssen's house I can give you more detail of what they did to Hello Kitty...trust me, you don't want to mess.

  3. I am so excited about the debates. Sorry you don't get a chance to go. But Disneyland! Fun!

  4. Have fun at Disneyland! You'll be over in my crazy neck of the woods.


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