January 24, 2008


It's weird how hard it is to get in the school mode when you 1) haven't been in school for well over a year, 2) live far away from campus and 3) only go to school two days a week.

Because frankly? I'd rather be home watching "Lost" right now than preparing to go into six hours of lecture.

Wish me luck.


  1. I'm glad I'll be going back full-time...and that will be my life. I think it helps. I think.

  2. Okay, that would be tough to get into the swing of. I totally remember not wanting to go to classes each day. BUT, you'll enjoy it more than you think you will right now

  3. Yes, I wish you luck -- 6 hours of lecture?? Wow!

  4. Hey, nothing to do with your post, but I noticed your reading the Book Thief. I hope you like it! I LOVED it! I'm usually not a huge fan of the world war 2 era and hence don't like reading about it, but I thought this book was really beautifully done.

  5. At the beginning of my second semester back at school after a two year hiatus, I've decided that the ideal situation would be a semester of school alternated with a semester of a boring office job. That way I'd be reminded why I like school so much (because sometimes, in the midst of hundreds of pages of reading and writing I tend to forget).

    Keep us updated on your adventures at school! I'm excited to hear more about the MLS program.

  6. Can't wait for LOST!! Less than a week now.


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