December 3, 2007

Last night, B and Ralphie invited us over for dessert and to watch the Christmas Devotional. Then, some other friends called and asked us to come over for dinner before we went to Band Ralphies.

Today at work, some other friends called and said "hey, come over for dinner." So we are. Friends rock.

Speaking of dinners, we bought a turkey on Saturday. Since we did a group Thanksgiving, we came home with gobs of leftover cranberry sauce and not a bite of turkey. And really? I need more turkey than a single dinner worth. We found a 10 pound turkey for about $5 and it's now sitting in our freezer awaiting its cooking. Mmm, I'm awaiting it too.

I need to take some pictures of our Christmas stuff because we are looking festive. My mom sent us a box of Christmas goodies - a tree skirt, some stocking holders (which will be put away when we have children because those things could seriously take an eyeball out), some bells, and another piece for our Willow Tree nativity.

But it won't be tonight because I'm too lazy and also, we're going to dinner. Did I mention we're going to dinner?


  1. I love the Willow Tree line...the Nativity pieces are just beautiful!

  2. I wish we could have you over for dinner too, we miss you!
    I got your family's christmas card and love it!

  3. Did you get that multiple star piece for your nativity? We got that one and I really like it. It's beautiful!

    And you can have dinner at our house multiple times when you come to Utah.

  4. I love the Willow Tree line, but right now I'd be happy with a tree skirt. Right now we have a blanket wrapped around the bottom of the tree. :)


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