December 8, 2007

Eat Chocolate, Buy Shoes

It's been a good weekend so far. Last night, Bart and I went to Barnes and Noble and spend several hours poking around. I picked up a copy of Gluten-Free Girl, which I've heard a lot of buzz about on the Internet and I read about 80 pages. Our library has it on order right now, and I can't WAIT to finish the rest of it. It really was fascinating. (Also, I'm grateful that I can eat gluten).

Anyway, there isn't much I love more than spending time at the bookstore, especially one with armchairs. But this Barnes and Noble has ONE armchair. And some probably-pleasant fat guy took up residence there and didn't move the whole time we were there. The Barnes and Noble by my parents house has about a dozen armchairs. That is how it should be, people.

Today, we cleaned out the kitchen cupboards (hooray) and then went to the library.

When we got home, Bart went to get the mail and came back with a fairly large box. I couldn't think of anything I'd ordered, so I was pretty surprised. I was even more surprised when I saw it was from Kayla - I couldn't even figure out how she had my address (I realized later that she'd asked for it so she could send me a baby announcement in a few months; tricky!).

The box was full of fun things - books, a mug, cocoa, cookies, and some candles. The fact that I was so surprised by its appearance made it even more exciting.

And once again I'm totally bitter that Kayla lives hours and hours away. Really, I think it's pretty rude of her not to live next door to me.


  1. I want Kayla to send me one of those mugs. Send her my address! Maybe she'll move next to me.

  2. I saw the mug and was like, "How can I get this to Janssen??" Then I remembered that I actually already had your address! Bingo. Who knew it would come in handy before I was ready to send out my announcements??

  3. Random boxes of gifts are the best things, aren't they? That was so nice of her.

  4. You don't know me, but I just wanted to comment on your "about me" paragraph.

    It's good to find someone else who would much rather be hot than cold. I agree with your sentiment that I'd be fine living in a climate that never dropped below 50 degrees. Seems that most people feel quite the opposite, which is so odd to me.

    Of course, after leaving Utah I ended up in the DC area, which still gets pretty cold...

  5. oh my goodness! I LOVE that cup! Do you happen to know where she got it??

  6. I got it at Wal Mart (classy!). You know how they have that section full of cheesy gift baskets and collections of chocolates and stuff to give out during the holidays? It was in there somewhere.

  7. thank you!! :) I will be searching for that cup!!

  8. I want this exact same colors and all on a t-shirt but I can't find it :(

  9. I want to find this on a t-shirt !!!!


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