November 25, 2007

Day 25: Gasping and Wheezing

Project Best-Holiday-Weekend came to a bit of a screeching halt this morning when I woke up feeling absolutely ill. I've spent most of the day lying on the couch or in bed (the upside being that I completed two books) and coughing up several vital organs. It was charming, to say the least.

I'm totally in love with my new phone - it's so small and thin and cute. Also, the battery holds on for more than ten minutes. Really, I'd forgotten phones could do that. It seems like a miracle to me.

So, last month I wrote 25 posts. That's as many as I've written this month so far, but this month seems so so much more difficult. HAVING to post is just not as fun as posting to say "My hot chocolate is watery!" Even shoes posted under duress lose a bit of their luster. December, how I look forward to you.


  1. Ya, I've posted 29 times in November and yet somehow missed 2 days of NaBloPoMo. And I'm getting pretty jazzed about December. I feel like my posts are becoming of poorer and poorer quality as November goes on.

    And we are completely OUT of hot chocolate. Send help asap.

  2. I look forward to December too! When I won't be scrambling to catch up on all my favorite bloggers. Hope you feel better.

  3. So sorry you're sick. Noelle and I are too. Feel better soon.

  4. Oh gosh! Hope I didn't get you sick!! Pamper yourself so you feel better sooner!

  5. I cannot wait until December! I can't decide whether this posting every day thing has been enjoyable or not.


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