October 30, 2007


The hot chocolate?

I put too much water in.

And so it was really more like water with a brown crayon dipped in (anyone? anyone?)

How unfortunate.


  1. Yeah, that's nasty. I have taken to adding two packets of ho cho into my water here at work (since they're free of course....) and making it extra chocolatey. In my opinion, it's better to get a little too much than a little too little.

  2. Argh, I totally know that quote. BUT FROM WHERE?!

  3. I choked and looked it up. Ah, Linus.

  4. Oh too bad. I feel your pain. It's unfortunate that something like hot chocolate can be screwed up, yet I have done it many times.

  5. Hmm,

    I just looked and I think I'm up to 34 books this year. I didn't really have a goal, but that sounds great to me. I think I could hit 52 though...

  6. Thanks for commenting on my baby blog! Kudos for being the first. . .I supposed I'll have to tell some of my friends it exists before your comment has company.


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