October 17, 2007

More Movie Related Madness

I have an innate fear of watching movies I know nothing about (I'm such a wimp in so many ways, I know). I'm always sure I'll hate them or that I'll be bored stiff. I realize this is ridiculous. Seriously, there is NO reason for this mindset except that I have a narrow mind. I'm sorry. (Also, occasionally you watch a movie you've never heard of - Stargate, for instance - and it's so wretched you swear you will never watch a movie without a preview again).

The fact that you can now watch previews on the Internet really helps me out because once I've seen a preview, I'm far more interested in the movie. Once I have some sort of idea what to expect, I'm much more open to the idea of seeing something new.

If I haven't seen a preview, the only other thing that will possibly convince me to see a new movie is if it features an actor or actress that I'm particularly fond of.

So, without further ado, let me present to you actors and actresses who I will watch, basically always:

Hello, Newsies, Batman, Little Women, etc., etc., etc. You always rock, Christian Bale.

You haven't aged as well as I might have hoped, but you did have some glorious years, especially those Remington Steele years.

I'm always surprised that no one knows who she is, when she's just so utterly fantastic.

Of COURSE he's on this list. He's just too great not to.

Seriously, I wrote about a dozen movie lines here before I realized it was in vain. There is not one funniest Steve Zahn line - he is ALWAYS funny. If you do not know who he is, rectify this QUICKLY.

I've never seen her in a movie I didn't like

The Mr. Darcy of my childhood. And my adulthood.

I just think she's gorgeous. The End.

"I will tear you to pieces with my bare hands. . . or vicious rhetoric."

"There is no TIME!" No one breaks the rules with more pizazz than Jack Bauer.

He's Will Smith. He always rocks. He probably always will (ha, pun completely unintended, but deeply appreciated).

That time I dyed my hair red? I was thinking of her.

You may be an old man, now, Harrison Ford, but you still just are the ultimate leading man.

This guy can act. Get thyself to amazon.com and buy yourself the first four Horatio Hornblower movies. And then return to buy the next four. And pick up Amazing Grace while you're at it.

Seriously, though, I can't be the only person who watches movies based solely on the main characters, can I? Also, I know the minute I post this, I will realize a hundred great people I left off this list.


  1. Oh yes Janssen you are a woman after my own heart. I often will be interested in a movie simply because of who's in it. I will also find a movie more interesting than I would have otherwise because of who is in it. And I must agree - Christian Bale rocks.

  2. Okay, fabulous list & all but you left off Sean Connery ...... seriously, he may be getting 'up there' but for an old guy he is amazing. And that accent......

  3. You reminded me that I am dying to see Amazing Grace! Thanks.

  4. At the risk of my own safety, I have to ask: who is the woman after Remington Steele?

  5. That Tad Hamilton line was great. :) You have seen "An Ideal Husband" right? If not, you'd love it.

  6. I love most of the people on your list. To be horrifyingly honest though, I have never seen any Horatio Hornblower movies. Or Amazing Grace. And this actually kind of devastates me. I'll get right on that. The only thing I've seen him in is the Fantastic 4 movies and I think I know how you feel about THOSE (Jessica Alba looks like an alien in the 2nd one. So weird)

    To my list I would add Bruce Willis. Me and Bruce..we have a thing.

  7. I'm surprised how often someone WON'T see a movie because of who's in it. Is this the logical other half of your love for certain actors? Because while I have people I love and people I hate, if the movie as a whole is good enough, I can always see past that. My sister never can and it creates great disparity in our movie tastes, among other reasons like her love of mindless entertainment and explosions. (But I love her for it!)

  8. Oh yah, and thanks for reminding me to add Amazing Grace to my Netflix queue for when it gets released!

  9. I love, love, love Christian Bale, but I can't see all his movies. Some are too scary for me because, hi, I am a total wimp. I did watch "American Psycho," even though it freaked me out.

  10. What a great post. I got excited everytime I scrolled down just so I could see the next person on your list. These people make me so happy, and I would say "Especially so and so," but I can't pick just one, because I love all of them so dearly.

  11. I'm not a huge movie-watcher, but this is a fab list. Anything Christian Bale....yum. Love him!

  12. Hey - I liked Stargate - but I know I'm a sci-fi nerd. I too watch many movies based on the actor(s), it's always a downer when a neat looking show, with a favored actor is rated R.

  13. Ah, Clooney. Mr. Classic, love him! And I love love love Amazing Grace, so glad you mentioned it here!


  14. So, in the 3 seconds it took me to type out my comment on Nemesis's blog, you commented. Weird.

  15. I'm totally with you on Elizabeth Perkins. She's such an underrated actress and she's fabulous! And beautiful!

  16. Remington Steele- takes me back. Thank you. Yep, I did love Pierce Brosnan and you're right--- he is not aging well.
    First time I read your blog--- this post will have me coming back to see what you are up to...


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