September 14, 2007

Birthday Cake Update

Unfortunate picture of me looking totally out of it, but I post it so you can see the coolest cake in the world that my office bought. Those little ice cream cones on top? Are real scoops of different flavored ice cream. The cake itself is made of devil's food cake and delicious cookie dough ice cream. Even the frosting was made of some sort of ice cream (I know this because it started melting all over the place a few minutes later).


  1. I know I should say Happy Birthday, but I'll just say that instead tomorrow and right now I'm opting for: YUM!!!

  2. Hope you had a yummy happy birthday!

  3. What a fun birthday! Hope you enjoyed your day!

  4. I love that cake. What a brilliant idea. I love being celebrated, don't you? Happy birthday.

  5. That is one freaking awesome cake! I love ice cream cones...


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