August 26, 2007

Why I Feel Full Today

Last night we went to an "Iron Chef - Dessert!" party. The secret ingredient we had to use was marshmallows. I actually don't really care for marshmallows except when they are roasted or melted. I hate Rocky Road anything.

Anyway, we ("we"="me") made this recipe and won second place in the taste category. Rock on.


  1. Oh yum! Anything to do with ice cream gets my attention right away. That looks really good - first place must have been spectacular!

  2. George is not a big marshmallow fan either, but this might pass muster. The layer of fudge on top certainly would help. And of course the berries. And the ice cream :)

  3. First place was marshmallows wrapped in crescent rolls, rolled in cinnamon and sugar, baked, and glazed. The marshmallow melted completly into a very tasty liquid/caramel center.

    The marshmallows on ours toasted into a nice crust with the graham cracker and actually tasted more like a toffee sort of crust; a few people asked where the marshmallows were and everyone commented on how tasty the crust was. A winner!

  4. Yummy!! Yet another good reason for why I stalk your blog! :)

    Now you can check mine out too, but seriously it isn't all that interesting or funny!

    Julie Ritter

  5. ummm... well I can't get my blog to show on my profile... silly...
    so here it is


  6. I can't see the picture :( And when i go to and search for jetpuffed (which came up when it was searching for it) it says it doesn't exist. I want to see it!

  7. hubby and I are totally going to steal this idea. It's awesome! We might do it for a whole meal though. Like one couple brings an app, one an entree, one a dessert, one a drink. All using a secret ingredient. Any ideas?

    I was thinking chipotle peppers or something...Or limes/lemons. I need to keep thinking...

  8. Ummm, Janssen. The next time you come over, could I be seeing this recipe in a tangible/eatable form? You know, for science.

  9. You hate rocky road? Okay, I knew that. But every time I hear it I cringe and die inside. And no, there are NOT "600 better flavors than rocky road." I think you'd be hard pressed to find 20 better. Certainly no more than 40 better!

    If you sense a challenge, which you usually do, be challenged! :)


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