August 8, 2007

TV Calls

Blah. . .

I have several things to write about, but frankly, tonight is not that night. Bart's at Wal-Mart buying a new DVD player (ours went on the fritz out of absolutely no where), string cheese, and hamburger buns. I had ice cream for dinner. We have several episodes of 24 to watch and I've been watching Gilmore Girls while Bart is gone. Clearly, there is no time for extraneous blog posting.

And why does all good mail come at the same time and all bills at the same time? My mail comes in cycles: bills, junk, good stuff (good stuff being Netflix, Newsweek, Martha Stewart, and real mail from family and friends). Yesterday was a good mail day. Today, I feel sure, there will be nothing but tire coupons. What a let down.


  1. I've never watched 24, I'm getting the idea from several comments that perhaps I should?

  2. I love 24, even if it freaks me out a bit because it's pretty intense. Kiefer Sutherland is FANTASTIC - he makes the whole show worth watching.


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