June 13, 2007

Talky, Talk, Talk, Talk. . . Pictures!

Hmm, I just wrote a thrilling post, complete with my deep thoughts on Ramen noodles (I know you're aching to know my thoughts on the subject). And then? It was gone. Thanks a lot, "draft autosave." Also? My keyboard is doing that totally annoying thing where it takes about two seconds to get the dumb letter onto the screen. I don't like typing a whole sentence and having time to go get a piece of chocolate while it waits to show up on the screen, letter by letter by letter (okay, okay, I didn't mind the chocolate part, but I hate the waiting. And heaven forbid I should have to correct a typo). Why, I just consumed 150 calories while that last sentence worked on showing up. And what a delicious sentence it was.

Oh. . .sorry, have you read a "my post got lost/my computer is slow" post before? Somewhere on the blogosphere? So sorry! I didn't realize!

So, while this sentence types, I'm going to take pictures of my new shoes. They are awesome. And I know you want to see them. Because you care deeply about my shoes.More pictures you say? I've got more pictures, but only because you asked for them.While we're on the topic of material items (mmm, material items. . . ), let me tell you that I'm having serious un-buyer's regret. I found this fantastic purse on Saturday. But I did not buy it. And now I am so so so so so so sad. It had silk blue lining! It was brown! It had little silver buckles! I carried it around the store for thirty minutes. Why did I not buy it? Because I am a fool. Alas.

The shoes! (Someday, when we have children, I will post pictures of them. For now, I post pictures of shoes).


  1. I really like the shoes. And it was very thoughtful of you to post pictures at all angles. Alas, I don't think I could wear those shoes. I don't think they would hold together for me, but I'm sure they will for you. And you can always go back and get the purse. Continued dwelling on it is a sure sign it should be bought!

  2. Awesome shoes. Great post. I think you three will have beautiful children.

  3. I like how pictures of shoes subsitute for pictures of children you don't yet have. :)

  4. Cute cute cute!!! And I have a strict policy on shopping: if 24 hours later I am still craving a certain item (i.e. gorgeous purse with silk lining) it is a sign that it NEEDS to be part of my life; return to store, purchase, enjoy.


  5. v cute and summery! are they comfy?

  6. I have had un buyer's regret too. There was this beautiful pair of green suede high heels. I loved them. I carried them around. A random lady even told me how fabulous they looked on my feet. I still didn't buy them (GREEN SUEDE? What on earth would I wear them with?)

    3 months later, I was still totally regretting not buying them. I went back to the store for something else and there was a pair. In my size. On the sale rack. THAT, my friend, is fate. I wear them all the time with everything.

    Looove your shoes, by the way.

  7. Clearly, I'm going to need to go back and buy the purse, if it is still there.

    Also, the shoes love you all as much as you love them. They are actually fairly comfortable, although the straps around the toes do a bit of digging. Fortuantely, I like them best for sitting on the couch or standing in front of mirror to admire them at all angles.

  8. There is nothing wrong with pictures of shoes. I have children, and I STILL post pictures of my shoes.

    Although now that I say that I'm wondering if it's really a good thing . . .

    (Great shoes!)


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