June 6, 2007

Go, Go, Go, Go!

I'm feeling so stressed this week. Since I've made a renewed effort to go to the gym (and for longer periods of time), I feel like I only have about two hours between dinner and the time I leave to the gym. Now that time is being taken up by GRE studying (or at least guilt about NOT studying), and I don't have as much time as I'd like to read, watch movies, blog, or do things around the house. I have two books (maybe three. . .I can't even remember now) that I haven't written about, which annoys me. I came home at lunch today and stuck dinner in the oven, and that means we're eating a bit earlier than normal, so hopefully I'll have a little more time than I have the past few days. I did have one project today that was nearing it's due date that I was able to spend some time on and nearly complete, so that makes me feel slightly better.

Okay. . .time for dinner.


  1. I certainly hope you feel less stressed soon. I know how studying (or thinking about studying!) can take up all of your free time. And I wish you well on your GRE :o)

  2. Breathe...breathe. I actually sometimes miss being busy! Good luck!


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