May 24, 2007

Idiotic Moments

On Tuesday, we went to the library, and I checked out "The Higher Power of Lucky" (this year's Newbery winner) on CD. I loaded it on to my iPod and took it with me to the gym. After about ten minutes of listening, I was getting pretty annoyed with the story: I couldn't follow it at all, the characters were completely unclear in my mind, and I couldn't force myself to focus on the story very well.

My mind started wandering, and I thought: Maybe I'm just not very good at listening to audio books. Maybe I can follow a story line and grasp characters better when I'm reading with my eyes instead of my ears. Maybe this book just didn't deserve a Newbery. Maybe I need to just listen to something less difficult while I run. Maybe . . .

And then I realized my iPod was set to "shuffle."


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