April 15, 2007

"Pop? This isn't that moment."

Most of the time I like our house to be very clean, with everything put away, the dishes done, and the bed made.

But, sometimes, like today, it's a great feeling to have the table covered in cookbooks and grocery lists, the couches filled with pillows, blankets, and magazines, and the glass of milk and empty muffin plate still sitting on the floor next to the couch. Usually this sort of chaos would make me crazy. Tonight, it makes me feel safe and happy.

Sometimes it's nice to just feel like you're at home and you can completely relax.


  1. Janssen, I just want you to know that your moods rub off on me sometimes. I now do not care that my house is messy. Thanks a lot. Jared said he wants you to write about how much you like to give back scratches so that will rub off on me, too. :)

  2. Is this title in reference to "While You Were Sleeping?"


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